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If you wish to improve your health on some level, acupuncture can help. Perhaps you are tired of that nagging headache that interferes with your day, or poor sleep that means you feel sluggish and you don't perform at your best at work. If you want to feel better and get to a higher level of health, I am delighted to work with you and help you achieve your health goals. 

Having evolved over thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the oldest continually practiced medical modalities in the world. 

Acupuncture is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to promote the body's remarkable self-healing abilities. It is used to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain, balance mood, relieve stress and anxiety, improve focus, enhance athletic performance and improve overall health and wellness.



Here are guidelines the office is following to comply with the Governor's office in order to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.

1. Prescreening:
A notice outside the office door will request you to stop and read a list of symptoms. If you answer yes to these symptoms, please do not enter the office area. Here are the guidelines from the CDC on what to do if you have symptoms of the Coronavirus. Please call me from the hallway and I am happy to advise you on the best course of action. (It is a strange concept to turn people away if they are sick, in my line of work, but this is a serious situation and I am taking the guidelines very seriously). You will not be charged for this visit.

2. Social Distancing and Hand Hygiene:
When you arrive at the office for your appointment, please stay in your vehicle until it is time for your appointment. Please sanitize your hands before entering the reception area. No more than 1 patient will be allowed in the waiting room at a time. Magazines, water and some waiting area chairs have been removed at least temporarily. Payment and scheduling your next appointment will be done remotely. This will minimize time spent in the reception area and the use of pens and ipad for signing. You will receive an invoice the morning of your appointment, you can prepay before coming into the office or you can pay from your car after the treatment. Payment is due the day of treatment. Checks and cash are still welcome methods of payment – there will be an envelope in the office to deposit these forms of payment. I will also email you a link to the online schedule which I strongly encourage you to use. Many of you already use this. You can find a link to it on every page of my website We will discuss the recommended date for your next visit during the initial discussion. Removing these tasks from the reception area help to keep you safe and allows time to sanitize the area between patients.

3. Sanitizing and disinfecting:
Appointment times allow for a limited number of patients in the office, allow for social distancing, and allow time for additional sanitizing. All table coverings are changed between each patient visit – this is not new. Additionally, common use surfaces will be wiped with a sanitizer between patients – door knobs, table, chair, other surfaces.
I use air purifiers with HEPA filtration to filter out potentially contagious particles from the air. These are not new either – their previous purpose was to eliminate moxa particles from the air.

4. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):
All persons entering the office will be required to wear a face mask. Make sure both your nose and mouth are properly covered. We recommend placing it in a plastic bag for protection if you need to remove it during treatment.
I will be wearing a protective gown and a mask which will be changed for each patient.

Welcome - Orla Callahan Acupuncture in Natick, MA, Wellesley, MA


"After trying every possible medical treatment for sleep issues, stress, headaches and anxiety, I finally tried acupuncture as a last resort. After my first treatment with Orla, I slept through the night for the first time in weeks! The stress and anxiety also subsided along with less frequent headaches".

Welcome - Orla Callahan Acupuncture in Natick, MA, Wellesley, MA

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